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Dreamwire - Silent Mile

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Dreamwire - Ghost of Your Dreams

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Dreamwire - A Fool in Love

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In the studio! Recording the next release    2012-05-15
I am really bad at updating this homepage, if you want to be sure to get the latest news then you should follow me on facebook.com/dreamwire.

The news this time is that the drumrecordings is underway, 2 songs left to record and that recording session is planned for thursday this week. After that it's alot of mixing to be done to get the drumsound just right but I think this will turn out really good!

anyway that's it for now, stay in touch on facebook for the latest news (and photos from the recordings) but i'll try to get better at updating here aswell.

  Getting ready to record again!    2012-03-12
IYes! Five songs are now lined up and ready to be recorded. I still havn't decided on how I will release them but do check back again here soon for more information about that. At the moment I am loeaning towards releasing them as I finish them and once I have enough songs I'll bunch them together and make a proper album release of them, but we'll see what happen.

Merry Christmas and Dreamwire Studio in progress!    2011-12-11
It's been very quiet from the Dreamwire camp for a long time now, many reasons for that but put simply I havn't had the time to focus on music. That will however change, well I won't have more time but music will get a higher priority once more. I am at the moment building Dreamwire Studio and once that is up and running in early 2012 songwriting and recording will start again. Speaking of songwriting, 3 songs are completed and lying waiting to be recorded.

A merry christmas to you all!


Vote for Dreamwire!    2011-04-20
Dreamwire is part of the Metro On Stage competition, so why not head over there and send a vote this way :)

also new songs have been written and is starting to pile up so except another dreamwire album in the future!


iTunes, Spotify etc. Dreamwire all over the internet!     2011-03-03
I've been neglecting updating this homepage, but here are some news for you all!

Dreamwire is now officially on:

and soon in more places so keep your eye out for my album Nowhere to Run!


Stream the album      2011-01-25

And now you can also stream the album online (via ReverbNation) and if you want to share this widget-player yourself.


Album is now released!       2011-01-01
Yes it's official, the album is finished and hereby released! Get it right here in the music section! I hope you will enjoy it! if you do, please tell your friends and why not join me on facebook and stay on top of all new releases.

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